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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    360WORK launch

    360WORK has announced the launch of its all-in-one global hiring platform, established to connect and match high quality professionals with international businesses. 360WORK combines machine learning and human intelligence to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for finding, vetting, and hiring proven talents across:
    · Employees/Consultants/Freelancers
    · Full-time/Part-time
    · Local/Remote
    · On-site/Hybrid (Home & office working mix model)
    · Individual/Team

    The company says that in the wake of the pandemic, there has been a significant shift in employment attitudes and continues to be huge changes in working practices. Most businesses have embraced remote and hybrid working environments while employees have pursued more flexible working lives. 360WORK’s recruitment platform has been created for this environment and is aimed at start-ups and SMEs in the technology sector looking for expert skills as well as professionals who need help marketing their skills whether they are looking for permanent jobs, consultancy contracts or freelance projects.

    Promising to take away the pain of sifting through hundreds of CVs, the platform combines smart algorithms moderated by human relationship managers to screen thousands of candidates. When making a match, 360WORK’s relationship managers take the time to understand the business requirements including location, language and culture, and will personally interview all prospective candidates to ensure a suitable match of both technical and soft skills before sending a shortlist of quality experts to the business.

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    Initially created to service the technology sector, 360WORK can find quality experts with a broad range of skills required in the sector including AI; software development, web and mobile applications; data science and analytics; digital design; business and management; marketing and sales. 360WORK’s customers are companies in deep tech, software, SaaS, semiconductor, electronics, FinTech, HealthTech and automotive industries.

    Saman Aria-Nejad, CEO and Founder at 360WORK, says: “Businesses are recognising that talent hiring, retention and the workplace of the future is changing rapidly. There’s now a real requirement for a smart recruitment platform to keep pace and adapt with the new world of work, which is why we’ve created 360WORK.

    New recruitment platform brings together machine learning and human interaction.
    “As a new and future-centric platform, we intend to collaborate on a continuing basis with our customers, partners and those in-work or looking for work to further refine and tune our service offerings; to ensure they are well aligned to both the hirer’s business and talent requirements as well as the employee’s work-style and lifestyle expectations and aspirations.”

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