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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    AI Psychometrics Push

    Partnership with brand agency sees firm promote AI to recruitment.

    AI recruitment firm, AssessFirst, has teamed up with leading Midlands based brand agency Champions (UK) plc to accelerate the introduction of advanced psychometrics to UK companies recruiting and managing workforces. Founded in 2002 with more than 3,500 clients worldwide, including Coca Cola and Puma, AssessFirst say they want to reinvent the way in which companies and recruiters hire staff in the UK.

    Psychometric testing isn’t typically associated with volume hiring and is often reserved for use in senior appointments with costly recruitment processes. AssessFirst leverages AI and predictive technology within a scalable software package to change this. The appointment of Champions (UK) plc is a key milestone as they increase their market presence across the UK. Champions’ team of specialists will be working alongside AssessFirst, assisting and leading on public relations and communications.

    “We are delighted to have AssessFirst on board,” said Matthew Hayes, managing director of Champions. “Their unique and innovative approach to the hiring process is something I really admire, especially during a time where corporations require innovation and stability within the hiring process.”

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    With many companies across the UK now getting back to business, AssessFirst aims to be on hand for those looking to hire, particularly across retail, financial services, recruitment and hospitality. Rather than taking away the decision making of businesses, the company provides non-bias details of candidates, including skillset, suitability and probability of success. This empowers businesses to make detailed and informed choices that are proven to improve the length of time a candidate will stay in a role.

    “This partnership comes at an important time,” added Hayes. “As the UK eases its way out of a third national lockdown, recruitment will soon begin to boom again.

    “This technology helps to eliminate any unpredictability and bias that can come in the hiring process, instead focusing on candidates and their capability to undertake and fulfil a role effectively.”

    David Bernard, CEO and founder of AssessFirst said: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Champions (UK) plc. This partnership will allow us to demonstrate the power and benefits of utilising an AI assisted psychometric testing system when hiring new employees.

    “We are committed to better, more equitable recruitment, to talent development, to identifying potential in the workforce and to bringing high quality psychometrics to the general UK public. We believe that Champions can help us to achieve this message across the UK. We can’t wait to see the results over the coming months.”

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