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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Automate your workforce

    Georg Schmertzing, CEO & co-founder of Realday on how a workforce management platform can help you stay ahead of the competition.

    The impact of Covid-19 globally has proved to business owners the importance of technology, reshaping entire industries to cater for remote working and the growth of the gig-economy. It is no longer an option to ignore the changes happening all around you and adapting to a more technology-led way of operating is imperative.

    This is where a Workforce Management Platform plays a part. Whether you have heard this term before or not, a workforce management platform is a software built to do exactly what it says on the tin – manage workforces. By doing so, software providers like Realday can help you streamline manual processes allowing for more time spent focusing on clients and candidates.

    A key to temps

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    Technology plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives and the same should be said for business. Whilst maintaining human interaction and relationships are essential, mundane administrative tasks should be automated; saving time, effort, costs, and patience for your company and employees.

    Although change can be daunting to some, and in many cases business owners believe onboarding a new technology or software to be expensive and time consuming, the onboarding process has never been easier and is often completed in a matter of days.

    With the introduction of human cloud platforms making up an increasing proportion of the recruitment market, traditional recruitment agencies need to become tech-savvy, competitive and available to build those personal relationships with candidates.

    A Workforce Management platform can offer a plethora of different features and benefits and is often adapted to suit each individual business. At its core it is designed and developed to increase efficiency, reduce costs and allow your business operation to run smoothly and effectively.

    The benefits for a recruitment business

    By having a clear understanding of your needs, the gaps you are looking to fill and in what way you would like the platform to work for you, choosing to on-board a workforce management platform should be easy.

    The key features included in a platform, like Realday, showcase the true benefits.

    • Scheduling & Deployment: Create, assign and swap shifts instantly. With an automated system and access to candidates via an app or SMS, a Workforce management platform eliminates the hassle of calling or emailing in hope of an instant response.
    • Compliance: Ensure all your documentation is up to date with a compliance feature that notifies both the recruiter and the candidate when expiration dates are approaching.
    • Time Capture & Approval: Capture all hours that have been worked accurately with online time sheets and mobile sign-off compatibility.
    • Integrated Candidate App: Allow candidates to accept, swap and decline shifts automatically alongside upload documentation directly, clock in and out of shits and message back and forth for on-going communication. – all creating a greater candidate experience.
    • Pay & Bill: Create and maintain different rates depending on clients, working time or qualification. Generate invoices, payroll and billing reports that integrate seamlessly with your back office system.
    • Report & Analyse: Visualise key metrics, generate active reports and monitor your performance. With the data hosted within the platform, all reports can be pulled without any manual input.

    Partnerships and the role they play

    As economies become more and more technologically reliant and industries become more competitive, software providers have had to adapt and ensure they constantly stay ahead of the curve. This is the case in point for the recruitment technology industry.

    More and more technology providers are announcing partnerships and integrations with other providers and in some cases even with their competitors. And the reason for this is simple – why wouldn’t they? By integrating one system with another, they can provide high quality, superior products by best-in-class suppliers at a much cheaper cost than building out their products in-house.

    The pros of using a workforce management platform is that you can integrate it with other platforms and systems ensuring all your data and operations are in sync. These partnerships are a win-win, meaning the customer gets what they want and the provider now has direct access to an even wider range of potential customers.

    As a recruitment agency you may have a need for a CRM, a scheduling tool and a reporting tool and in many cases these are all provided to you separately and don’t quite sync with one another. That’s where integration and partnerships come in – let the supplier worry about the technical end and you can benefit from streamlined automation.

    Exploit your options and maximise output

    1. Make it your own – many software providers including Realday offer “plug & play” or “white label” options meaning you can pick and choose the features that are applicable for your business, brand it as your own, and stand out from the crowd.
    2. Take the leap – Don’t be afraid to trust your provider, the new way of operating will save you time, effort and money in the short and long run.
    3. Be honest and communicate – Software providers are dependent on feedback from their customers to help improve their products and services. By communicating and working with them, it will allow them to fill the gaps missing and provide you with a better product.

    Take advantage of your options

    Whether you are a technologically savvy individual or not, adapting your business to be partially or fully automated and streamlined with the assistance of technology is an absolute must in today’s world.

    The days of “But we’ve always done it this way” or “I don’t have time to make changes” need to be behind us. There is almost a guaranteed solution or product to fit the needs of your business within your budget. Don’t let high-falutin marketing jargon get in the way of looking into what a provider can do and how they can help, it’s often a very simple fix and if it works out well, you’ll wish you made the change sooner.

    The world of recruitment is fast paced and in order to keep up you need to think smart. Take the leap, do the research and build/scale your business easier and quicker with the help of technology.

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