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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Chatbot increasing application rates

    Tribepad boost application rates and improve candidate experience

    Specialist recruitment software provider Tribepad has today announced the launch of its new chatbot tool, which is integrated into its world-class Talent Acquisition Suite. The AI tool is available to candidates 24/7; delivering consistent, engaging and on-brand support throughout their job application journeys.

    Tribepad’s data* shows that more than 90% of job searches are now made from a mobile phone, with many applications taking place outside traditional recruitment working hours. With a positive candidate experience now essential in the fight to attract top talent, recruiters and hiring managers must provide an on-the-go, interactive job search tool that is both simple to use and easy to maintain.

    With its mobile-first, AI-powered design, the chatbot improves candidates’ job application experiences; removing the friction associated with applying for roles and arranging interviews, allowing applicants to apply from anywhere, at any time.

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    Through the chatbot, candidates can create secure personal accounts, answer questions as part of the application process, and opt-in to receive job alerts by email or SMS, as well as book screening interviews (phone or face-to-face) and record video answers of themselves to questions where appropriate. Powered by AI, the chatbot will auto-learn over time, accurately answering candidates’ complex questions.

    The chatbot will enable hiring managers to capture and target the correct talent pools. Its simplicity will reduce candidate dropout and increase the rate of submissions, as well as reduce the number of administration queries – the chatbot is there to answer frequently asked questions at any time.

    15ten15, a UK based recruitment firm, discusses the benefits of using chatbots. Cliff Sewell, CEO of 15ten15, says, “There is a lot of talk about candidates receiving critical feedback at the moment in the current overcrowded job market. We’ve looked at this issue for some time now. But, the recruitment industry is reluctant to change and is afraid of technology which can improve this.

    “At 15ten15 we are committed to simplifying all recruiting processes so that our clients and candidates can search for the right candidate/role at ease. For us to deliver, we need to be efficient and technology plays a massive part in that.

    “By using chatbots, this creates a massive amount of space and time for us to deal with more jobs and help more candidates find the right role for them. It is not about hiding behind a computer, it’s about creating a business that can deliver what our customer wants.”

    Dean Sadler, CEO of Tribepad, commented, “As candidates increasingly search for jobs on-the-go via mobile phones, it’s important for recruiters to give them access to the tools they need to make the process as simple and accessible as possible. AI and automation have the ability to amplify this process, offering complex solutions in a simple and effective way.

    “Our chatbot has been designed with the perfect balance between AI and human interaction; offering an automated approach that still mimics human conversation and can engage with candidates when recruiters can’t.

    “The primary aim of our chatbot is to allow candidates to start the job application process in a more relaxed, engaging way that is less intimidating.

    “The future of recruitment is digitised and we are staying ahead, with our automated chatbot that offers a flexible, accessible and simpler approach.”

    * Based on more than thirteen million job searches performed on Tribepad clients’ job search sites in the past 12 months.

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