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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Cloud Fixes

    Daniel Fox, Channel Marketing Director at CloudCall looks to overcome top recruitment challenges

    The recruitment industry faces its own unique set of obstacles compared to other businesses, and it can be challenging for agencies to stay on top of staff, job listings, client needs and all the other demands of job placement.  Thankfully, in the era of the cloud, there are many tools to help address these recruitment-specific issues.

    First things first, if you’re using a web-based CRM, you’re already on the right track. Compared to on-premise CRMs, web-based options allow for more scalability, access to more frequent and easier bug fixes and updates, and the ability to easily integrate with other essential tools (like the ones we will discuss in this post).

    So what challenges can cloud-based solutions help you overcome?

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    Slow placement process
    The longer it takes to place candidates the more likely they are to leave or find another job. A lot of time is wasted having candidates repeat their qualifications and credentials through multiple rounds of phone interviews with different levels of recruiters within your organization. A good call recording tool will allow you to download recorded phone calls and email them to colleagues or clients for review. This way there are fewer conversations, and you can move forward quickly to an in-person interview.

    24/7 demands of candidates
    Candidates do not search for jobs exclusively from 9-5, especially if they’re currently employed full time. So they expect to communicate and work with recruiters at odd hours.

    Web-based CRM systems allow you to access candidate records from your phone, anytime anywhere. It’s also important to ensure you have a telephony solution that allows incoming calls to be forwarded from desk phone to mobile or any other phone. In addition to forwarding calls, a solution like CloudCall will also record incoming calls to your mobile phone, eliminating missed notes and call logging issues for recruiters taking calls outside of the office.

    Burdensome training requirements
    It’s an unfortunate fact, but the recruitment industry has notoriously high turnover. So it’s essential that you are able to train new employees quickly. The best way to improve performance is through constructive criticism. With the right monitoring tool, supervisors can listen in on users’ live calls and whisper to them if they need help. There is also a barge function that allows the supervisor to intervene in the call and be heard by both participants if necessary.

    Payment discrepancies
    It’s hard to believe, but not everyone you do business with is going to be honest. It’s possible that a recruiter could place a candidate only to have the client say that he or she was placed previously by another company or another recruiter. Thankfully call logging and recording tools provide exact records of when deals were made and precisely what they entail.

    Keeping track of your team
    Managing a team of recruiters is not easy, as everyone has different quotas and goals. The best analytics tools allow you to see the activity of your team in real-time. It’s also possible to view and schedule reports on call duration, call quantity, call charges and other insightful metrics.

    Embrace these cloud solutions, and don’t let lagging technology hold you back.

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