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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Coming Soon: GoToMeeting for Portal from Facebook

    Tech Giants join forces

    As much of the world is still working from home and the lines between work and life are continually blurred, and the need to connect with colleagues, partners and loved ones has become more important than ever. Because of this we are excited today to announce a new way to connect with GoToMeeting using Portal from Facebook

    Portal is already popular as a way to connect with friends and family, but with today’s announcement of video collaboration applications coming soon to Portal, we are helping to bring even more usability to the device through GoToMeeting. The GoToMeeting experience on Facebook Portal is both familiar & intuitive, as each session is backed by the highly acclaimed GoToMeeting Android application.

    Portal combines an AI-powered Smart Camera and Smart Sound, to allow people to build stronger relationships, and feel more engaged and immersed in their daily interactions with their teams, even when these interactions are taking place from your kitchen table or living room. One of the added benefits is that the Portal’s Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms as you move around the room, keeping GoToMeeting users centred in the frame.

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    By using the Portal as a dedicated screen for meetings it’s also easy to engage with coworkers, customers and partners while you take notes and action items on your laptop.

    Getting started is a breeze. Just download the GoToMeeting app from the Portal store to the Portal Mini, Portal, or Portal+ devices and you’ll be enjoying engaging video meetings in no time.

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