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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Digitised IR35

    JSA leading IR35 Technology

    Often, the best technological innovation happens when a great idea meets a pressing need.  As we approach 2021, the pressing need for recruitment agencies is IR35 compliance throughout the contingent workforce supply chain. And the great idea is an end-to-end digitised IR35 assessment solution which joins up all parties in a seamless workflow.

    Last year, JSA Group started work on its IR35 Complete solution and has since become the only company to have a fully digitised solution that joins up end hirers, agencies, and contractors from the instigation of an assessment through to the payment of a contractor.  It’s also the fastest assessment tool available, enabling contractors to be accurately assessed within minutes.

    Whilst JSA is no stranger to technological innovation, it’s been an exciting few months for the company and there are plans ahead to enhance the functionality of IR35 Complete further still.

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    “From the outset we knew that the challenge of IR35 reform would require a technological solution,” explains Chris James, Chairman of the FCSA and Director of Accountancy Services at JSA Group, the UK’s leading contractor payments and accountancy specialists.

    “But technology alone was not the answer. IR35 Complete is as good as it is because we understand IR35 compliance and the needs of recruiters so well. It’s that knowledge, coupled with a fantastic technology team, that has enabled us to create something as unique and highly capable as IR35 Complete.”

    Technology is key not least because the new rules mean there is even greater inter-dependence between recruitment agencies, end hirers, and contractors. Without technology, it would be near impossible for all parties to instigate and keep track of the assessment status of their contractor workforce, or to have the necessary audit trails to demonstrate compliance, should a challenge be made.

    Under the new rules, end hirers will be responsible for issuing correct IR35 status determination statements, but agencies will be financially liable in the first instance if any mistakes are made. All parties need to rely on each other to play their part at the right time to ensure contractors and roles can be properly assessed and the correct documentation issued in the right way at the right time, with a full audit trail to demonstrate compliance.

    “Recruiters will know that the financial risk of the IR35 reforms is extremely high – there is no margin for error here,” emphasises Del Williams, Director of Sales at JSA Group. “But it’s a big ask, given that agencies are grappling with the continuing need to manage costs and efficiencies, especially with the impact of Coronavirus. That’s why user experience has been top of our minds.”

    “The technology enables complete compliance, but it also takes into account the practical needs of our agency partners and their clients. It’s the fastest IR35 assessment tool on the market,  on a cloud-based platform and can be fully integrated with most CRMs so it’s super-easy to use.

    “It’s a great example of technology as an enabler: in a nutshell, our expert support, coupled with this new technology means that an agency’s IR35 headaches are solved and further emphasises the improvements a proactive, forward-thinking company can have by embracing digital advancements.”

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