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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Driving On

    Dave Jenkins, CEO of Wave looks at How the right tech will drive your recruitment business forwards

    The industry has long predicted that technology will play a big role in the future of recruitment and sometimes it takes something big to drive change. That something big has undoubtedly happened – a global pandemic, which brought the world to a halt and has given rise to a recession during which recruitment has been hit hard. Now, more than ever, the right tech is essential. In order to survive and thrive recruiters need every tool in their belts. We look at how your recruitment tech can help you through the current crisis and improve your outlook in the long-term.

    Utilise data for targeted job posting

    How do you calculate where to post your jobs and when to do it? Not so long ago many adopted the ‘pay and spray’ strategy. Recruiters would divide their budget between multiple job boards, post jobs when they came in and hope for the best. Given the previous lack of candidates on the market, the general consensus was that the way to ensure jobs were seen by as many as possible was to give them as much exposure as possible. That meant lots of job board contracts but with no real quantifiable basis for which might actually deliver results.

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    Two things have changed since then. The market is now saturated with candidates – WaveTrackR data is still recording application numbers of 100%+ over the March-June average. There is therefore no need to spread jobs in quite the same way.

    Simultaneously, AI-powered technology has advanced in such a way that it can tell you the best platforms on which to post your jobs in order to gain maximum exposure to top talent. There needs to be a shift in thinking from quantity to quality and the right tech can help you to action that. Moreover, the right data-driven multi-poster can tell you when to post your job to get it in front of talent when they’re actively searching. The future of recruitment definitely looks data-powered.      

    Build a CV database

    The influx in applications many recruiters are experiencing due to an ever-expanding talent pool could bring you into contact with a litany of quality candidates. They may not all be suitable for the specific job they have applied for but be sure not to lose them by keeping their details on hand so that as soon as a job comes along that fits their profile, you can reach out to them. The easiest way to do that is to create and build a CV database within your candidate management system. That way you’ll never lose a quality candidate again.

    Provide effortless communication

    The current spike in application numbers has meant recruiters’ workloads have suddenly increased manifold so replying to each and every candidate has become all but impossible. There simply isn’t the time to draft and send what could be hundreds or even thousands of emails. And yet clear communication is so important, not just to the candidates that are facing an incredibly challenging time in an extraordinarily tough market, but also as a reflection of your business. There may be an influx of talent now but that won’t always be the case and memories are long. This is another area in which technology can help. Email templates and bulk emailing tools can effortlessly communicate to all applicants where they stand in the process so that everyone knows where they are and no-one is left waiting and wondering.

    The financial impact of Covid-19 has meant we’re all having to tighten our belts right now and many will be reluctant to invest in further tech but if it means that it helps you to reduce your job board spend, manage candidates more efficiently and secure more quality hires, it is perhaps a solid investment. It also pays to review and compare – shop around and see what other providers have to offer in terms of both features and price. This is a time for re-evaluating your recruitment strategy, streamlining your processes and for powering through this downturn whilst simultaneously looking forwards to the future. And to do that you need the right tech.

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