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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Engagement and efficiency

    Access launches game-changing mobile app for better candidate engagement

    Access Recruitment has launched its new worker mobile app, Access WorkView. With skills shortages prevalent in many sectors such as education, logistics and healthcare, Access WorkView has been created for recruitment companies to help them retain their existing temporary workers through better candidate engagement.

    Paul Vogel, managing director, Access Recruitment, comments: “This really is game-changing technology, connecting recruitment firms with their workers in a way that helps both have better visibility of all the information relating to their assignments. The feedback from early adopters of Access WorkView has been overwhelmingly positive relating to significant operational savings thanks to workers being able to update their own availability and access their own pay details.”

    The app, that enables a fully integrated workforce management solution, has been developed with insights and feedback from multiple recruitment agencies and workers to discover and address their pain points. Securing work is of most importance to jobseekers, who will now be able to search and apply for roles on their mobile device, as well as to advise of when they want to work. Candidates cited the stress of getting to the assignment high on their list of concerns, which has been solved with embedded location maps for jobs.

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    The weekly completion and submission of timesheets is another hassle. Workers will now be able to clock in and out using a QR code that eradicates the errors associated with paper timesheets. With pay details accessible at the click of a button, WorkView delivers a modern user experience, and one that can be even further enhanced with the provision of on-demand pay delivered through Access EarlyPay.

    Recruiters meanwhile suffer from insufficient time for business development activity due to wasted time spent calling candidates to try to fill open bookings, chasing timesheets and resolving pay queries. Aside from eliminating inefficient processes, Access WorkView gives them a competitive advantage by enabling them to fill bookings faster.

    Access WorkView is integrated with both Access Recruitment CRM and Access Pay and Bill software. By bringing their tech stack together through one provider, agencies are able to realise greater efficiencies through seamless integrations and automation. Other solutions that can be added to the suite include (Volcanic) recruitment websites, Access Screening, performance analytics, HR, financial and LMS software.

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