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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Fusion for all employees

    Fusion extends offering from health and safety to full employees’ digital platform

    A fast-growing tech business has expanded from a health and safety app to a digital platform for all employees. Fusion, which is based in Deeside, North Wales, has broadened its offer after several clients asked the company if it could provide a broader solution.

    The business is now able to provide customers with comprehensive health and safety management and digital document management.

    A third core element, Fusion’s e-training portal, will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

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    Fusion was founded last year by brothers Paul and Shaun Hollingsworth, who also own Hollingsworth Group, one of Wales’ leading construction and civil engineering companies. They initially focussed on developing the health and safety app which allows employees to access all the documentation they need in one place and from multiple sites. However, they quickly realised that the tech they were creating had the scope to be more widely applied to the needs of businesses. So far, the company has invested over £200,000 in bringing its solutions to market.

    The need for Fusion’s technology has been heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic and the long-term changes it is forcing on workplaces with the likelihood of much greater remote and flexible working practices. Fusion’s capability stems from a comprehensive web-based management dashboard and mobile app that allows companies to create, manage and distribute documents. It allows for both internal and external collaboration including suppliers, partners, clients and other stakeholders.

    Key benefits include a central information repository, built-in document security and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. The paperless platform is also good for a company’s environmental credentials.

    In addition, the health and safety management system plays a vital role in keeping a business compliant, flagging up in real-time when various documents and certificates are due for renewal. It also tracks that all employees have verified that they have seen and read the appropriate documents.

    Paul Hollingsworth, director of Fusion, said: “While we originally focussed on health and safety documentation, we set the platform up in such a way that it could be expanded to meet the much broader needs of a business.

    “During the pandemic, clients started to ask if we could provide them with a more complete system. The result of these conversations is the employees’ digital platform we are now able to offer. What started out as a health and safety solution for the construction sector has become the complete document management platform for businesses across multiple sectors.

    “We are now working with companies in industries including logistics, transport, healthcare and renewable energy among others,” he added. “A major driver is the realisation that the world of work has changed forever and that teams are going to be working remotely and in a far more flexible way than ever before.”

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