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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Mare launches Shazamme

    New Recruitment marketing focussed Technologies on the way

    A new business venture has been launched by the ex-head of JXT, Rick Mare, offering recruitment marketing in-a-box.

    “It is with great excitement that I announce the launch of Shazamme, a company that will bring many recruitment marketing focussed technologies and services to the industry.
    Shazamme believes that recruitment marketing should be easy! That is why we are coming to market with “recruitment marketing-in-a-box” Everything you need to be successful in recruiting with our integrated dashboard providing clarity and insights making it easier for you to make smarter decisions, faster.

    The idea of Shazamme came about as a result of running JXT for 14 years and hearing regularly the challenges faced by recruiters in marketing their businesses. These challenges have actually increased as a result of digital becoming so much more complex.
    The industry as a whole still spends less on marketing as a portion of revenue than most other industries yet it is reliant on marketing for the sourcing of clients and candidates. The vision I had when I started in the recruitment and staffing industry was to educate the industry on how to better engage with their audiences.
    Rolling forward to 2020 I welcome Shazamme to the recruitment world. This platform will address many issues that are currently faced by staffing and recruitment companies and corporate HR Teams globally.

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    The Shazamme platform will be using AI and new no-code technology to show how staffing, recruitment businesses and HR Teams can grow their digital footprint by using smarter marketing tools. Shazamme has an evolving marketplace with a range of products and services, proven and perfect for successful recruiting online, including SEO, PPC, Chatbots, Social Marketing services and much more”.

    The in-depth knowledge of the Co-Founder, Rick Maré and supporting team will mean Shazamme is well positioned to outperform any other platform and service in the market.
    From the outset there is a major focus on gaining a global presence through all the recruitment and staffing channels, partners and affiliates.

    “I am very excited to have started this new venture. Further announcements will be made as they come to hand”.

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