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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Odro Appoints

    Head of Compliance in place as it Gears Up for Expansion

    Video recruitment software specialist Odro has appointed a Head of Compliance as it looks to expand on its position as the UK’s leading supplier and gears up for international growth.

    The company already has customers across more than 30 counties, including Central Europe, Australia and the US, but as demand for its innovative video recruitment platform grows, so does CEO Ryan McCabe’s ambitions. This latest appointment is part of the company’s growth strategy and will see them accredited to the highest international standard of Information Security (InfoSec).

    Enter Adam
    Adam Rae joins the firm on a permanent basis following a period of consultancy, which he began earlier this year. He is a Chartered Quality Professional with experience across defence, construction medical and software industries, and bolsters Odro’s highly trained workforce with a new area of expertise.

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    Speaking of his decision to create a permanent role focused on InfoSec, Ryan said: “It used to be, years ago, that only large companies would worry about the security of the information they held. But the volume of data being processed globally now is extraordinary. And with that, the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of information has become more difficult and more crucial.

    “Data has often been compared with oil as the most valuable asset of the modern-day, even before the pandemic and the price of oil plummeted. The introduction of GDPR was a positive step forward in modernising and putting ownership and accountability for data on us, the organisations that manage and process it, and quite rightly so.

    “But given the volume of data that we manage, particularly as we are taking on more and more of the world’s largest recruitment agencies, I wanted to take things a step further than the law requires. It’s vitally important to us, as a business, that our data is protected. Which is why Adam has been brought on board full-time. We want to enhance our InfoSec controls beyond GDPR compliance to ISO 27001, which is the highest international standard.

    “With Adam on board, focused solely on this, we’ll achieve that standard far sooner, and it allows the rest of the team to focus on their jobs, which is to develop and output the most advanced video platform the recruitment industry has ever seen.

    “We’ve enjoyed phenomenal organic growth in the last two years, it’s been amazing. Several of the world’s largest recruitment firms are using our platform on a daily basis as part of their hiring process and we are increasingly in talks with enterprise clients who’re looking to streamline their operations with tech. For them, and for our smaller customers too, we want to provide the peace of mind that we are best in class when it comes to the security of their data.”

    Adam’s appointment is the first of many new posts created as part of the SaaS firm’s latest recruitment drive. Coinciding with his appointment, two new Customer Success Managers were brought on-board. Odro also plans to add two new Client Engagement Managers, two Senior Full Stack Javascript Developers, a Business Analyst and a Graphic Designer to its growing team in the coming months.

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