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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Platform to recruit

    Manchester tech and service agency Venn has recently launched their new recruitment SaaS platform Vennture. The new Vennture platform will power Venn’s suite of product offerings, including their recruitment agency websites and dedicated careers websites for brands looking to grow post-pandemic.

    Having worked with the recruitment sector for more than ten years, Venn has relaunched their recruitment technology as part of the single sign-on Vennture platform.

    “The flexible and customisable Vennture platform offers creative freedom for marketing managers. We wanted to build a place where users can enjoy flexibility, creativity and insights,” says Brian Whigham, managing director.

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    As part of the Vennture platform and in reaction to the growing demand for employer brand support across the UK, the Vennture system also includes a career website builder enabling brands and agencies to work even closer than ever before.

    The Vennture platform will allow brands to attract and engage with talent and give a far greater insight into their company and culture. Agencies using the Vennture platform can directly help brands manage their careers websites, post jobs and track passive and active candidates all from one central place.

    “Post-pandemic, there’s never been a better time for recruitment agencies and brands to work together,” notes sales manager Luke Clarke. “With a nationwide demand for talent, the Vennture platform offers a direct approach to engage with and attract talent to enrich your teams.”

    Operations director Leah Tillyer added: “We believe our products can bridge the gap between brands, agencies and talent, providing a place where all can engage with a far better online experience.”

    The Vennture platform is now available to demo and has so far seen positive reactions from a range of brands across the UK. For more information on the Vennture platform and Venn’s product offering, visit https://www.venndigital.co.uk/.



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