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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


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    Josh Martin, Senior Sales Manager of CloudCall on 3 reasons you need call recording

    When you hear the term ‘call recording’, what springs to mind? Is it James Bond listening to a villain’s call via a secret pen? Is it a dodgy journalist hacking a phone? No matter your preconceptions, the truth is call recording is a great feature for your business and we are here to tell you why.

    Call recording allows you to record and store a library of your past calls, providing you easy access to any call you like, at any time. You can use your call library to train new employees, assess the productivity of your team and to boost sales and set personalised goals.


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    There are many reasons why you and your business needs call recording, but if we were to list them all here, we may not have finished by the end of lockdown. So, we have narrowed it down to three top reasons, just for you. You can thank us later.

    1. Training and monitoring

    Recording and storing your calls in your database gives you the opportunity to take control of the easiest statistics you can find, those from your calls. Calls are integral parts of day-to-day business, so why not take advantage on what your team are already doing?

    Creating a library of calls lets you search, source and select any call, at any time. Doing so will allow you to access a whole range of calls; from the best outbound sales calls, to the maybe not so great customer dissatisfaction calls (we won’t dwell on those).

    1. Keep your customers happy

    Keeping a log of both inbound and outbound calls will let you refer to past calls. Whether a customer wants to make a complaint or let you know about great customer service they received from one of your agents, you can easily access and play any call you need.

    Not only will this help resolve issues, but it can allow the agent to establish a good relationship with the customer. Being able to refer to past calls themselves lets the agent remember what the topics and tones of past customer calls were. Thus, tailor making a personalised experience for the customer every time and keeping them happy.

    Call recording can help you take control of the boring bits too. By recording your calls, you can avoid legal disputes, which is always fun! Your recordings can be paused whilst taking sensitive information, which assists you in managing data protection compliance. Like we said, fun stuff.

    1. Boost sales and productivity

    Recording your calls allows you to monitor the productivity of your team. You can see which agents are making the longest, the missed and the most calls throughout each day. Using this data will help you to set personal goals and KPI’s for each individual on the team.

    Sharing the stats and recordings with your agents, will not only expand their knowledge of what a ‘best in practice’ call sounds like, but will motivate them to boost their own stats and sales. Setting rewards for smashing goals and KPI’s will encourage healthy competition within the team, increasing the quality and quantity of customer calls.

    Whether it’s boosting your customer satisfaction, training your team or increasing productivity, call recording does it all*.

    *Just about.

    If you would like to know more about CloudCall’s features, then why not book a demo? And if you and your team are back to working from home, look at our 5 Tools to Support Remote Teams.


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