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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    STEM in demand

    Three survey shows finding the right talent is a challenge.

    A global survey by SThree, the world’s only pure-play STEM staffing specialists, has found 79 per cent of respondents are finding it challenging to get the right skills or the right candidates in the right location. The survey also found 70 per cent of respondents want candidates with specialist expertise and  58 per cent want to find people quickly. These pressures exist despite job application levels rising as much as 300 per cent in some regions.

    The survey, of over 550 candidates and clients across multiple STEM markets, also found 48 per cent are struggling to source talent with the required specialist skills while 31 per cent said finding candidates in the right location is also a challenge.

    “Demand for the right STEM talent has always exceeded supply, and this has only been exacerbated by COVID-19,” said Mark Dorman, SThree CEO. “As economies begin to recover, and businesses return to growth, we believe that there is still pent-up demand for specialist expertise to be released – and this may increase competition for the best talent even further. What this also tells is us is that more has to be done to close the ever-growing STEM skills gap.”

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    Although 31 per cent of our clients say it’s difficult to find the right candidates in the right location, Dorman says the large-scale adoption of remote working means that geography is less of a barrier. Overall, 56 per cent of the candidates are looking for jobs in more locations.

    “Companies should be tapping into new talent pools in an effort to address the skills shortage,” advises Dorman. “Now is the time to do it as STEM has a vital role in solving the complex problems the world faces.”

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