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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Tech Accelerator’s Launched

    Make HR Tech a force for good

    With the mission to make HR Tech a force for good and improve the working lives of many, The Workplace Accelerator has today announced its first cohort of businesses.

    Key stats about the businesses include:

    • Top 6% of applicants selected only
    • 57% teams with female founders
    • 6 markets covered – Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India
    • 4 categories of HR Tech covered – Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Core HR & Productivity & Collaboration
    • All 7 are revenue generating businesses with collective revenues at $100K USD per month

    Covid has reportedly crammed 5 years of digital transformation into a 5 month period and as such the Workplace Accelerator was established to help champion the latest HR Tech innovations that could help organisations adapt to the new normal.

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    Pre-Covid, 70% of companies in South East Asia[1], where reportedly looking to spend more on HR Tech in what was already a $400bn global market.  Post Covid, 100% of companies are having to spend more as Work From Home or virtual hiring and team management takes hold.

    Over 16 weeks, The programme offers more than 120hrs of direct access to the accelerator’s operating partners, mentors, vcs and service partners along with potential funding from the Accelerator’s own investment syndicate.

    More than a 100+ Senior Leaders from the likes of DBS, Google, Aviva, UOB have all committed their time to the programme to ensure real world access and feedback for its participants.

    Daniel Callaghan, CEO of The Workplace Accelerator as well as Veremark, the global pre-employment screening platform, states, “The Asian HR Tech ecosystem was always going to produce some excellent applicants.  We believe that APAC has the potential to leapfrog the rest of the world in terms of digital working and given its expected economic growth rate and massive population can set the new standards in HR Tech adoption.”

    The businesses selected for the programme are:

    www.Fitbots.com:  An OKR management tool that helps teams get aligned around company goals and understand their impact – providing a better means of driving productivity in a world where teams are spending less time physically together.

    www.Zetl.com: In times of economic difficulties, working capital can often be the greatest cause for companies’ growth to be stifled.  Zelt provides real-time financing for professional services companies to help them collect on monies owed faster.

    www.rushowl.sg: A micro transit platform with the potential to make private bus networks a new standard in employee benefits.  For employees who do not want to take public transit in this Covid ridden age, Rushowl enables companies to offer benefit from a cost effective and secure door to door transport service.

    www.flowtrack.ai: Remote working and increased compliance around data security are two trends that are only increasing.  Flowtrack provides a respectful way to measure team members’ productivity levels as well as what and where they may be downloading or viewing content from.

    www.workbean.co: Building Asia’s largest culture directory, Workbean is focused on helping companies give a clear view of their internal culture and present what it’s like to work in their organisations so they can attract the best talent.

    https://upupapp.info: UpUp helps corporates maintain employee engagement and ensures the team’s continued development through a mobile micro learning platform with gamified goals that encourages and rewards teams for achieving their learning objectives.

    www.pmaps.in: Pmaps helps high volume hirers improve recruitment through innovative picture based psychometric testing as well as voice analytics to test for language fluency and comprehension.  This profiling can also predict job performance across roles and reduce employee attrition.

    Ex Grab and Head of People & Culture Leader at Circles.Life, Alexander Nicolaus who is one of the programme’s operating partners describes The Workplace Accelerator’s as “a unique and highly personalized program that is simply a must for any potential HR Tech Start ups. An intense, rapid, and immersive experience that will accelerate the life cycle of these innovative companies, compressing years’ worth of learning-by-doing into just a few months.”

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