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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Tech for talent

    Executive recruiters Walmsley Wilkinson have said employers need to embrace the use of technology, including psychometrics, to seek the best talent. The challenge of recruiting during remote working has been daunting for many businesses as old traditions such as interviewing face-to-face, shaking hands and assessing body language have been left behind.
    Senior and specialist candidates are now applying for advertised roles that were previously out of geographical reach but the increasing use and effectiveness of technology during recent times has resulted in a transformed talent landscape offering new opportunities for both employer and employee.
    “The prospect of hiring and onboarding in such a changed talent landscape can seem a huge task but with the right approach and by utilising all available tech, the task can become really exciting and highly achievable,” says Linda Walmsley, director of Walmsley Wilkinson. “Employers are creating their own future attraction and employment methods and those who excel will reap the rewards.”
    Linda added: “Remote working has many positive aspects and is here to stay, whether full-time or as a hybrid approach. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for this and technology has enabled us to embrace this fully. The possibilities of a wider geographically dispersed talent pool could be a game changer for employers wanting to secure the best available people. Employees will also have the opportunity to utilise their skills and experience in an organisation which they may have previously ruled out due to an impossible commute.
    “Technology can be embedded from the start of the candidate engagement process and continue throughout the hiring cycle. This can include careers portals, applicant tracking systems, psychometric assessments, video interviews, pre-employment screening and online onboarding activity.”
    Jo Emmerson, managing director of workplace technology company Holst who partner with Walmsley Wilkinson, added: “The task of identifying the right senior hires has always been challenging. Our technology-based profiling tool, McQuaig, enables organisations to benchmark a role, recruit to the requirements of that role, develop its people based on their strengths and retain its talent.”
    Walmsley Wilkinson offers a professional partnership across all executive, management and specialist recruitment needs for all types of organisations in the private and public sector including private equity-owned businesses, large corporates and SMEs.
    The company’s services extend across sectors including building technologies, advanced manufacturing and engineering, aerospace, health and social care, professional services and FMCG/distribution.

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