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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Tech launch for Global Upside

    Global Upside Announces Launch of Global HR 360 and Global Payroll 360 Business Solutions

    Global Upside, the leading provider of incorporation, PEO/EOR, accounting, HR, payroll and compliance services in 170+ countries has announced the addition of two new services to their extensive offerings: Global HR 360 and Global Payroll 360, for use as either stand-alone or bundled business solutions.

    Global Upside’s Global HR 360 offers a full range of services from hire to retire as a comprehensive solution for companies with an international workforce. These services include everything from global talent acquisition and onboarding to benefits administration and proactive strategic HR planning. Global Upside can assist companies with workforce reduction, periodic insurance audits and advisory on data privacy and security regulations.

    Global HR 360 addresses a broad range of services including, but not limited to, the following.

    • Hiring and Onboarding: background and medical checks, employment contracts, employee handbooks and more
    • Ongoing HR: compensation benchmarking, on-site HR consulting, ongoing benefits administration and employee communication, Employee performance management, guidance on employment law, global mobility and more
    • HR Compliance: wage/hour regulation compliance, payroll tax compliance, leave and PTO administration compliance and more
    • Dedicated Global Experts: on call access to HR specialists and HR managers
    • Technology: access to Proprietary HR software for global workforce management
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    Complementing Global HR 360, Global Upside has also launched Global Payroll 360 enabling companies to pay their global workforce in a timely and accurate manner, regardless of location. Unlike typical payroll solutions, Global Upside lends trust and strategic insight alongside a robust global dashboard. Global Upside’s Global Payroll 360 offers multiple levels of service to fit any company’s needs including:

    • Payroll Support becomes an extension of a client’s staff to help run payroll of a previously established multi-country payroll vendor.
    • Payroll Advanced provides a managed payroll system with proactive alerts and reminders for coordination;ensures both process and system are GDPR compliant; and a centralized document repository with all input and output files.
    • Payroll Eliteoffers the benefits of the Advanced level, plus a never-before-seen customizable global dashboard, with analytics and reporting, to view multiple payrolls from varied systems in one convenient location. Elite level also provides clients the ability to review and approve all payroll through one portal.

    “With disputes over timesheets, surprise bills and compliance headaches, many companies become dissatisfied with HR or payroll service providers. If you multiply this by each country a company operates in, it becomes a painful process of overseeing the minutia of rules and regulations. This drains time, resources and energy from the real objective: business operations,” says Adam Sheffield, Global Upside chief revenue officer. “Our aim with Global HR 360 and Global Payroll 360 is to alleviate these pain points, irrespective of a company’s footprint, location or industry.”

    Operating in over 170 countries, Global Upside’s dedicated team of global experts provide local knowledge and expertise to manage any company’s daily HR needs. With round-the-clock support, Clients can simplify day-to-day operations and free up time and resources to focus on growth.

    Global Upside CEO Ragu Bhargava adds: “By bundling Global HR 360 and Global Payroll 360, companies have a one-stop shop for all their operational needs, in multiple countries, via one point of contact. It’s a solution to address the ever-changing business needs of companies going global rapidly and more frequently. As regulations, data privacy, compliance and tax continually evolve, companies must have reliable, knowledgeable partners at their disposal to successfully manage their global business. We are that partner.”

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