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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


    Virtual Onboarding

    New technology helps recruitment and HR swiftly onboard new recruits in a virtual world

    Powell Software, a company creating digital solutions built on Microsoft 365 and tools for the Digital Workplace, has launched new Onboarding Templates for HR and recruitment to create personalised and powerful onboarding environments in minutes, within Powell Intranet and Powell Teams.

    With more companies shifting to a remote or hybrid workplace since the pandemic, HR managers and recruiters face the challenge of efficiently onboarding new employees remotely; tasked with immersing them into the company culture virtually and connecting them with managers, mentors and colleagues, all from a distance.

    With Powell’s new Onboarding Templates, recruiters can create the following ‘personal’ spaces for new employees in three easy steps, enabling them to communicate in private, connect to a buddy and manager, and to access the specific documents they need to get started:

    • A customised intranet page with a dedicated onboarding section that includes materials such as key documents, company contact information, welcome messages, tips to get started, corporate information, training documents and more.
    • A personal Teams space that includes a 30-day plan, dedicated channels for communicating with specific managers, colleagues and access to all department-specific materials.
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    “We’re excited to launch Onboarding Templates to help HR, recruiters and organisations build hybrid workplaces and add to our roster of easy-to-use templates for our customers. We look forward to continuing our mission to help connect organisations with their employees and to digitise their critical business processes by making new technologies for Microsoft accessible,” says Mathieu Silbermann, CPO of Powell Software.

    As part of its commitment to improve IT governance, Powell’s Onboarding Templates also cut the time-consuming process of creating Teams and intranet pages to align with the organisation’s established governance and naming conventions, down to minutes. Less time is spent setting employees up in the digital workplace, allowing them to focus on building meaningful internal relationships and acclimatise faster.

    Powell intranet is an out of the box intranet solution designed to drive communication and collaboration between coworkers while boosting Office 365 usage. Powell Teams is an add-on application that accelerates Microsoft Teams adoption with intelligent features to enrich the user experience and optimise governance.

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